Rizzolli Shell Contact

rizzolli shell contactContact adhesive for technical insulation covering products






Rizzolli Shell Contact is a contact adhesive specifically designed for our technical insulation covering products. 

Rizzolli Shell Contact glue remains soft and elastic after dried, providing exceptional performance and strong weatherability. The unique formula of this product provides high bonding power and extended lifetime to ensure airtight of insulation systems. 


Easy application and fast dry 

Stronger bonds and tighter seams

Effectively prevents the junctures from water vapor permeability 

Formulated especially for Rizzolli Shell and rubber insulation materials 



Rizzolli Shell Contact glue is specifically engineered for joining seams and butt joints of Rizzolli tube and sheet insulations, as well as Rizzolli jacketing materials.

Size range

Quantity per unit

Packing unit

18,75 L